Chantell Ryder

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They say cooking is a way to a mans heart. I personally think cumming is way more realistic.


Ive never done anal . I wonder what it feels like?? im a open mind when y talk with more people and y like to be sweet


squirt ,bottle in my pussy I'm a nice girl with extremely beautiful eyes, smile and very hot body. Check my images and try my comfy private room! What is show? I could make a good hot show . But maybe you'll be interested to see my soul, too?

I love to walk in high heels - they make my legs are infinitely long and sexy. And I love the feel of silk on my skin - stockings, panties . mmmm

I would like to be a flight attendant . Or rabbit))) By the way - what's the difference between them? hahhaha Im all about you baby.

I love playing with my Toys. Come tell me what you want me to do with them.

I have this fantasy of being licked on by another woman. She pushes me down on my back, kisses my lips, then my neck, down to my breasts. trailing down to my belly button, and then she pulls my panties to the side and. Mmmm well wouldnt you like to know the rest.

Chantell Ryder

I sat down for a job interview once and was told "you can tell within the first five minutes of talking to someone if your going to like them." on that note I stripped. long story short I got the job!

cony ferrara

cony ferrara